Spazio Lampo
Switzerland (CH)

Una tranquilla apocalisse

For this new project, curated by “Associazione Grande Velocità”, Erik Saglia brings to Spazio Lampo a new series of paintings that, meticulously mixing color and geometric patterns, follow up the theme that he’s been working on his previous personal exhibitions Odissea nella mia Stanza (Spazio Buonasera, Turin, 2016) and Pregenesi (Spazio Lancia, Turin, 2018).

This time, however, the artistic intervention is destined to be disguised among the objects and furniture of the space: a workplace that opens up to the contamination of ideas by hosting a cultural program. It is precisely by the upheaval, caused by the artworks’ tiptoeing into the everyday life of the space, that Saglia creates a quiet apocalypse.

In addition, underlying these paintings we find a lithograph by Giorgio De Chirico that depicts an orderly and composed end of the world. By choosing such an image, the artist brings literally “to the table” a reflection on the current socio-political events. On one hand, it foreshadows the imminence of catastrophic scenarios that we are about to face, while on the other hand, it does not seem to truly affect our society nowadays’ routine.

Curated by Giulia Guanella