Triennale Milano
Italy (IT)

Pittura italiana oggi

“In Ceiling N3, the individual is invited to break free from the monotony and the constraints of everyday life choices. In the history of Italian art, architecture has always played a fundamental role in the dialogue with painting, opening new horizons like the ceiling that opens up to reveal the sky. This approach encourages us to shatter our routines, prompting us to change our perspective, shift our focus, and contemplate broader dimensions, such as the cosmogonies of which we are a minuscule part. Here, ‘unknown’ landscapes emerge from a sequence of geometric grids and the management of volumes, eluding the identification of forms but not the power of suggestion.

In our real world, the environment has transformed into an abstract and digitalized reality, governed by numerical data, algorithms, and sequences that dictate our daily lives. In this abstract reality, accessible to only a few, lies the opportunity to shape a new collective imagination, a biological and social universe, an uncharted space to inhabit. This space is defined by lines that repeat, curve, and interweave, emulating the forms of nature. Ceiling n.3 offers a deeper connection between the human experience and the vast expanse of the universe, urging us to transcend the digital boundaries of our existence and rediscover the wonder of natural, unstructured rhythms.”