Spazio Buonasera
Italy (IT)

Odissea nella mia stanza

Going from corner to corner, tracing squares and circles in the room, the idea for this exhibition came to me. I began by tracing lines, intertwining them, and filling and emptying shapes to tidy up and mess up what the room had to offer. I tried to adapt the small cosmogony that each one of us carries inside to the size of the room. As if I were standing in front of a star map, I followed the corners, the curves, and the straight lines, laying down my signs as if they were traces and hints suggesting the route for a small Odyssey within the room.

While I was musing upon my work, De Chirico’s paintings showing Ulysses sailing in the middle of a chamber and his several painted rooms, filled with objects and maps, came to my mind. I decided to embark on such a trip inside the venue at Spazio Buonasera, up and down the ladder, tracing routes with tapes and colors, as if to act a sort of daily drift.